BUHS Track Thrower Injured


Photo Credit: Sofi Hernandez Anthony Diaz along with Coach Miears and family

Kade Edmiston, Sports Staff

Anthony Diaz Breaks Leg During Track Practice

Earlier this week Anthony Diaz, a thrower for the BUHS track team broke his leg in a freak accident. Diaz has been in sports all his life so this has been very difficult for him.

” I feel really mad and sad since I’m such a sport rounded person and not being able to move sucks. I’m out for about 3 months from doing any sports since my injury is worse than the doctors actually thought so it required surgery that I had yesterday.”

Diaz has surgery on Thursday which he had a metal plate and screws put in.

” The plate and the screws I really don’t want in my system so eventually I will have them removed to just be natural. The mental and physical pain includes not being able to be able to do anything and not being able to do sports for a while.”

Diaz plays football at BUHS where he got 2nd team offensive line, he was part of the Bishop High stunt team and in the spring is a discus thrower for the BUHS track team.