JV Mathletes are League Champs


Sofi Hernandez, Editor

Boron Meet 2/13/19

For their last meet of the 2018/2019 season, the BUHS Junior Varsity Mathletes traveled to Boron High School for one last face off against Boron, Desert, Kern Valley, Rosamond, Silver Valley, Tehachapi, and Trona.

The JV Mathletes that traveled on February 13 include Sierra Burror, Kai Cokeley, Ethan Fahey, Abbey Gabriel, Owen Hildenbrand, Nick Jacobs, Braeden McGrale, Clara Place, Cashus Puhvel, Lyndsey Rowan, Dillon Sweet, Garret Wesling, and Nathan Wesling.


They faced problems like:

  1. A flagpole casts a shadow 24ft long. Mary stands next to the flagpole and casts a shadow 6ft long. Mary is 5’4” in height, so how tall is the flagpole?


Bishop Union High School took home first place from this meet and four JV Mathletes received individual awards. 4th place individual awards were given to Kai Cokeley and Lyndsey Rowan, a 3rd place individual award to Clara Place, and a 2nd place individual award to Nathan Wesling.

The BUHS JV Mathletes also came home a League Champs, which makes a great wrap for their season! Congratulations JV Mathletes!

Coach DeeDee Buchholz shows her and the team’s excitement by saying, “We are so excited about being League Champs!  This team was very dedicated to learning the material while having a great time together.  The JV season is over, but we will cheer on our Varsity Team during their final 2 Meets. Go, Bishop!”

We would also like to congratulate those who could not attend this meet with the rest of their teammates such as Tylar Banta, Jordan Cooper, Taylor Dailey, Madison Foster, and Ace Selters who also contributed to the grand total of 120 points for the team from all four JV meets which put BUHS at the top of the league this season. In the league standings, BUHS was followed by Tehachapi High School in second place with 98 points, and Desert High School in third place with 82 points. Congratulations to all teams!