Bronco Pride Night

Shania Womack, Journalist

Bronco Pride Night!

There are so many clubs and classes on this campus so I’m sure you’ve wondered if there is a “job fair” for the clubs and classes. Well, if you have wondered that, you’re in luck! On March 14, the annual Bronco pride night will occur. There will be tables for Theater Club, ASB, Cheer, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and other clubs and classes. Some teachers and advisors will hand out small flyers or syllabi regarding their clubs and classes. Toward the end of the night, Bronco fashion design will be holding a fashion show.


This event is catered toward incoming freshmen, but anyone can attend. Some people discover clubs they didn’t know existed on campus. Many clubs and classes hand out candy to students. Bronco pride night is a fun and energetic way to welcome freshmen to the high school. Last year’s freshmen had a tremendous time and were very excited to start school here.


The purpose of Bronco pride night is so that freshman can begin to socialize with teachers and students. This is to make their transition from middle school to high school smoother.


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