Varsity Girl’s Softball 2019


Shelbi Sapp

Rebecca Quintana, Sports Staff

Broncos Set to Stomp Out Competition

This years Varsity Softball Team will play their first games March 8-9 at the Yerington Tournament. As of now, their first home game will be against Rosamond on March 15 at 3;15 at the Bishop City Park.

The team was confirmed and they have started practicing everyday. Almost every girl who tried out for the Bishop Union Softball team made either JV or varsity, although there were two cuts this year.

The Varsity Softball Team:

Avery Swanson
Dakota Reynolds
Dorothy Jarvis
Fiona Swanson
Geneva Molina
Isabeau Vasquez
Jayda Apodaca
Jeanine Lomaintewa
Jenna Andersen
Kayla Jackson
Lauren Allen
Liz Poncho
MaNeSe Braithwate
Montana Mcintosh
Shelbi Sapp
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