Bronco Round Up

  • January 24Check with your teachers to see if you are on Honor Roll!
  • January 14Seniors!!! Final Yearbook Portraits Are to be Taken January 27th
  • January 14Baseball/Softball practice is underway
Spring CSF Applications

Spring CSF Applications

January 14, 2020

Chubby Bunny Challenge and more

Ben Holland

November 30, 2016

Watch BUHS students do the chubby bunny challenge and other marshmallow tricks in the video below!

Dunk Contest

Ben Holland

October 31, 2016

Check out our dunk contest between Lukas Di Angelo, Tommy Ruelas, Jordan Herbst and Chris Rafferty below!  

Saltine Challenge, Bronco Babble

October 4, 2016

Come watch our Saltine Challenge here     Featuring our five contestants, Kai Castilla, Grace Griego, Kristen Lamb, Jordan Kost, and Lukas Di Angelo. Their challenge will be a race to finish 10 saltine crackers fi...

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