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Tyler Beadle

Tyler Beadle wants to become a business owner and has already started, making thousands a month. Depending on the month he has made over 3 to $8000. How many high schoolers can say that they’ve done that?


17 year old Tyler Beadle owns a minecraft server, where you can play a game where you team up with other players and create clans. You raid other teams items to win. He earns most of his money from players buying items online for the game. When he was asked how he came up with this idea he said, “It was already a game but I made it better because i'm a genius.”


He started off by deciding that he enjoyed going on other people's servers and he wanted to make his own. After watching many youtube videos he figured out how and he paid $20. Who knew that you could makes thousands of dollars off of just $20?

Tyler Beadle, Writer

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