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  • November 8Community Service Opportunities with Mrs. Kress in room 204 on Thursdays

  • November 8Sierra Wave Volleyball meeting November 14th at 6:00 in Carl Lind board room

Shania Womack
Shania Womack a freshman at Bishop Union High School has an ambition to be top over her class. She came to high school and is was close to what she expected. Shania enjoys being at the high school but a challenge she has with being here is that its to big and she doesn't know where most things are yet. She has very stellar grades! I started off basic and asked "What are you grades?". I was surprised to find that she has all A's. A very awesome achievement, if Shania keeps that up she could be her grades Valedictorian! I then asked Shania "What is your favorite class?".  She then told me "Honors Math", how many people do you know like Honors Math as there favorite class? That is truly insane! I then did a follow up question by asking her why. Shania said that she enjoys the people in there cause they are funny and make her laugh. Shania will do great in school.

shania womack, Writer

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