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2018-2019 Boys Basketball

Thu, Nov 29 Serpent Classic4-1 StoryW
Serpent Classic Story
Tue, Dec 04 BurroughsBurroughs High Schoo22-62L
BurroughsBurroughs High Schoo
Tue, Dec 04 4:30JV BurroughsBurroughs High Schoo
JV BurroughsBurroughs High Schoo
Wed, Dec 05 6:30JV TigersLee Vining High Scho
JV TigersLee Vining High Scho
Tue, Dec 11 4:30JV Road RunnersBishop High School
JV Road RunnersBishop High School
Tue, Dec 11 RosamondBishop Union High Sc63-44 StoryW
RosamondBishop Union High Sc Story
Fri, Dec 14 DesertDesert High School37-55L
DesertDesert High School
Fri, Dec 14 3:00DesertDesert High School
DesertDesert High School
Sat, Dec 15 McFarland Tournament0-2L
McFarland Tournament
Tue, Dec 18 Cal CityBishop Union High Sc47-78L
Cal CityBishop Union High Sc
Tue, Dec 18 4:30JV Cal CityBishop High School
JV Cal CityBishop High School
Fri, Dec 21 3:00JV Bob CatsBoron High School
JV Bob CatsBoron High School
Fri, Dec 21 BoronBoron High School52-26W
BoronBoron High School
Fri, Dec 28 Christmas Classic1-2L
Christmas Classic
Sat, Jan 05 TonopahBishop Union High Sc61-28W
TonopahBishop Union High Sc
Tue, Jan 08 Kern ValleyBishop Union High Sc58-45W
Kern ValleyBishop Union High Sc
Fri, Jan 11 Frazier Frazier High School81-34W
Frazier Frazier High School
Fri, Jan 18 7:30RosamondRosamond High School
RosamondRosamond High School
Tue, Jan 22 6:00DesertBishop Union High Sc
DesertBishop Union High Sc
Fri, Jan 25 7:30Cal CityCal City High School
Cal CityCal City High School
Tue, Jan 29 7:30BoronBishop Union High Sc
BoronBishop Union High Sc
Fri, Feb 01 7:30Kern ValleyKern Valley High Sch
Kern ValleyKern Valley High Sch
Tue, Feb 05 7:30Frazier MountainFrazier Mountain Hig
Frazier MountainFrazier Mountain Hig
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