Mina Garcia Biography


Ms. Garcia, better known as Mina, really enjoys her job at Bishop high school.  Mina’s job is to help non-speaking English students. She loves her job and helping others, because she went through the same situation.

Mina moved to the United States when she was 11 years old, and at that time she did not speak English. She worked hard graduating from Huntington Park High School with the class of 2005.

When she turned 21 years old, she decided to move to Bishop. Mina had her daughter in 2011 and that’s when she decided that Bishop was the perfect town to raise her daughter.

She enjoys running, drawing and she recently discovered that she has a passion for  photography. 

Mina recently was given the position at Bishop High School as our Latino-Hispanic Liaison. She will still be providing help to our EL newcomers during in-seat class. Her new duties will be facilitating our Spanish speaking community with helpful information as well as to teachers  when communicating with Spanish speaking parents.